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We offer opportunities on the following programs to enthusiastic individuals
to become a part of our volunteer team for 2023-2024!

Volunteers are expected to complete the duration of each selected program.
The programs below are usually held for 5 days to 12 days in August to Septemper,
and February to March. Please feel free to contact us.

Be a camper to help a community!

NGO LOOB has partnerships with Japanese student groups, namely: ALPHA, ISAP, Save Children Network and MERRY. They help in building classrooms, conducting an educational and intercultural activities by immersion in the local community. Workcamps are usually held for 10 to 12 days.

Be a volunteer now! Contact us.

1. RP-Japan Friendship and Work Camp

This is the program for our school partners in Japan and we support them in facilitating education exchange activity in Iloilo City. You will be a cultural mentor to be with the Japanese high school/college students for the whole duration. You will learn about the local community and Filipino culture while connecting with the foreign students. 

Be a volunteer now! Contact us.


Help foreign students as a cultural mentor!

Learn to be a better global citizen!

This is a program that trains the youth to be better global citizens by developing their leadership skills through problem-based learning. You will partner with Japanese youths in learning about important social issues in Iloilo City through SDG workshops and collaborate with them in social action activities.

Be a volunteer now! Contact us.



SDGs Academia is an online program where you can interact and discuss with foreign youth and learn about social issues. It is a learning opportunity and a productive experience for the youth! The program runs 6 sessions with six different topics every day. Each session is for 90 minutes only, and it is done via Zoom platform.

Be a volunteer now! Contact us.


SDGs learner today, SDGs leader tomorrow!

Mykee Canonicato 2.jpg

Mykee, 22

Life-changing experiences are what NGO LOOB provided to every youth volunteer in their programs. Those experiences taught me to become a more resourceful and responsible person and redirected me to my purpose in life.

Rey Marth Padrita.jpg

Rey Marth, 20

My most unforgettable experience was when I met my Japanese brothers and sisters. That was the first time I encountered youths from another country. I enjoyed my time bonding, talking, laughing, and going to communities with them.

Nina Sheena Dolorica.JPG

Niña, 23

"You don't grow when you're comfortable." Before participating in NGO LOOB's programs, I was very shy when speaking in front of people. However, after becoming a facilitator in several NGO LOOB online programs, I gradually gained confidence and was able to communicate effectively.

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